Mitch Riley is an Australian performing artist living in Paris, France.

He works as a classical singer, actor, director and teacher. 

Mitch is an Artistic Associate with Sydney Chamber Opera :

and co-artistic director of La compagnie des choses humaines : 


Mitch has a Bachelor of Music Studies (Classical singing) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (2011). Mitch has also studied theatre at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris; clown with Hervé Langlois (Royal Clown Company) and Vincent Rouche (Compagnie du Moment); and marionettes, manipulation and movement with Eric de Sarria and Nancy Rusek (La Compagnie Philippe Genty), Camille Trouvé (Les Anges au Plafond), and Jean-Louis Heckel, Sarah Helley and Einat Landais (La NEF). 


Current and upcoming projects

- V-I-T-R-I-O-L, création chorégraphique, musicale et vidéo by Francesca Bonato, Aurélien Dumont and Gabriele Alessandrini (France)

- Voz e matéria, Academy of Composition; Les Ours Aussi..., Festival of musical creations; Premiere of songs by Gilles Schuehmacher (with Ensemble Offrandes, France).

- Performances of Perte (La Scala Paris, France).

- Rehearsals of From the other side of the mirror... (La compagnie des choses humaines).


- Perte, work for solo clown. Performed and co-written by Ruthy Scetbon. Centre Paris Anim' Les Halles (2020), La Nef, Manufacture d'Utopies (2019). 

- Pièce courte pour deux clowns, a work for clown duo. Creation with Ruthy Scetbon and Anahid Gholami Saba (2019)

- Development of J’ai des pieds en permanence by Isabelle Garcin, a work for solo clown (2018).


- Workshop: The Creative Act, a multidisciplinary approach to theatrical creation (with Tal Reuveny)

-  L'extraordinaire est sous nos yeux, workshop series in movement and puppetry for children (with Ruthy Scetbon).

Les clowns : êtres naïfs, poètes explosifs, créatures extraordinaires workshop series in clowning for children (with Ruthy Scetbon)

- Private Singing/Voice lessons in Paris, France

Mitch talks with Resonant Bodies Australia co-director Jane Sheldon about the influence his studies at L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq have had on his approach to performing. They also discuss the voice, creating new work and the story behind The Shape of the Earth (premiered at the 2018 Resonant Bodies Festival Sydney)


Mitch's interest in the voice, music-led theater and the creation of new work has led to a rich partnership with Sydney Chamber Opera (SCO), with whom he has performed regularly since the company's inaugural production in 2011. With SCO, Mitch has premiered lead roles in a number of new Australian operas and stage works, and has performed works by leading international composers.

In Australia, Mitch has performed regularly with The Renaissance Players (music of the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods), and in the chorus of Opera Australia. 

In England he has worked with Manchester Collective.

In France, he works regularly with Ensemble Offrandes.


- Breaking Glass, a collection of new Australian operas (Bree van Reyk's The Invisible Bird, Josephine Macken's The Tent, Peggy Polias' The Commute, and Georgia Scott's Her Dark Marauder). World premiere co-presented by Sydney Chamber Opera and Carriageworks.20


- La fièvre du samedi matin: World Premiere of a song cycle by Gilles Schuehmacher (Ensemble Offrandes, Le Mans, France)

Oscar and Lucinda by Elliott Gyger and Pierce Wilcox. World Premiere, SCO.

Jepthé, a dramatic oratorio for baritone, soprano and percussion by Josselin Roux. World Premiere.


- The Shape of the Earth by Jack Symonds and Pierce Wilcox. World Premiere. Resonant Bodies Festival Sydney, SCO and Carriageworks.

- Workshop: Composing Women, "a program of professional development aimed at fostering and empowering women composers". Working with SCO, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Mitch was part of the development of three new Australian operas.


Inside Mr Enderby, a dramatic work for baritone and string quartet by Huw Belling and Pierce Wilcox. Presented by Manchester Collective. World Premiere.


O Mensch!, a staged song-cycle for baritone and piano by Pascal Dusapin. Australian Premiere. 2016 Sydney Festival, SCO.

Passion by Pascal Dusapin. Production by Pierre Audi. Australian Premiere. 2016 Sydney Festival, SCO. 

Victory Over the Sun. Huw Belling's, Pierce Wilcox's and Justene Williams’ reimagining of the 1913 Russian Futurist opera. 2016 Biennale of Sydney, SCO. World Premiere.


- Fly Away Peter by Elliott Gyger and Pierce Wilcox. World Premiere in Sydney, 2nd season as part of the 2015 Melbourne Festival, SCO.


- ...pas à pas – nulle part... by György Kurtág. Australian Premiere and world-first staging as part of the 2014 Sydney Festival, SCO.

Mayakovsky by Michael Smetanin and Alison Croggon. World Premiere, SCO.


Climbing Toward Midnight by Jack Symonds. World Premiere, SCO.


The Lighthouse by Peter Maxwell Davies. SCO.

Through The Gates, a semi-staged song cycle featuring works by Bach, Schubert and Shostakovich which took place amid the installations of Belgian artist Honoré δ’O. 2012 Biennale of Sydney, SCO.


Nunc Dimittis by Jack Symonds. World Premiere, SCO.

Notes from Underground  by Jack Symonds and Pierce Wilcox. World Premiere, SCO.


Méli-Méloup et la fille Verte, a work for children with puppets, shadow theatre and actors. Collective creation with Nathalie Desrosiers, Jean-Claude Leportier and Ruthy Scetbon (Performances throughout Île de France in 2019).

- Les Dhouibs, performed at Les Péchés de La Nef 3 (La Nef, Manufacture d’Utopies, 2018) directed by Jean-Louis Heckel. A French-Algerian family of marionettes.

- Research and development of Forme-moi by Milena Milanova. Work with marionettes, objects and materials.

2010 - present
2010 - present