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La compagnie des choses humaines is a theatre company based in France.

The company was born from the meeting of Mitch Riley and Ruthy Scetbon, at the crossroads of two worlds: of opera and contemporary classical music, and of the theatre and clown.

The two artists met at the Jacques Lecoq theatre school in Paris, where they discovered the connection between their respective artistic practices: the body of the actor.

Their partnership has already led to the creation of Perte – performed at La Scala Paris in October of 2020 – a work for solo clown performed by Ruthy and directed by Mitch. For their second collaboration, From the other side of the mirror, they have reversed the roles.

The company wishes to draw upon the various fields of study and expression which have been a part of these artists’ careers: the theatre, the body in movement, the clown, music, the voice and education.

Other projects are in development, in search of the essential: how to communicate, how to make others dream, and primarily with the presence of the actors, their bodies, and the dramatic content?

With Perte, they began from nothing: a clown in an empty space. No scenography, and little besides the actor and her broom. Whilst the production of From the other side of the mirror is of a larger scale, the company nevertheless sees it as a continuation of this research.


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