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For actor and string quartet

Creation 2022


1 hour 5 minutes

Suitable for all audiences

Original idea and performer

Mitch Riley


Ruthy Scetbon

With the music of 

György Kurtág


Le Quatuor Béla

Frédéric Aurier, Julien Dieudegard (violins), 

Julian Boutin (viola), Luc Dedreuil (cello)

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Kurtág-Fragments is a theatrical adaptation of music for string quartet by the composer György Kurtág.

Through the creation of this work, we are seeking to bring attention to this music and share it with audiences outside of the concert and recital halls where it is usually heard. We would like our theatrical staging to enrich this moment of listening for the audience.



A man, stiff and clumsy, on the tightrope of life. Alone in the face of his creative doubts, whilst waiting for someone, whilst grieving, and in the degradation leading to death.

Like fragments collected from the path of a life, the fleeting blossoming of moments of solitude, brought to light for an instant.


La compagnie des choses humaines

L'Oreille Droite

Supported by
Groupe Geste(s) ; Le Samovar ; La Générale ; First Round ICP ; Super Théâtre Collectif ; First Round ICP ; Paris Anim’ Centre Les Halles Le Marais
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