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Chloé Tocabens


Solo for clown 


Ruthy Scetbon


Mitch Riley

Created by

Ruthy Scetbon and Mitch Riley


1 hour

Suitable for all audiences

This work is in French

La Scala Paris (2020-21)

Centre Paris Anim' Les Halles (2020)

La Nef, Manufacture d'Utopies (2019)


The cleaner of the theatre does her job, alone, as she does everyday. Like the ghost-light of a theatre, she is there when everyone else has left. However, this time she discovers the public still in the their seats. Used to being alone and invisible, she tries to continue with her work, but little by little is drawn towards these eyes which scrutinise and examine her, for they also put her in the spotlight and allow her to exist.


(originals in French)

"With as much humour as poetry, Ruthy Scetbon brings to life this unexpected character (...) It’s touching, and also very funny..."

-- L'Humanité

"The little cousin of Tati and Chaplin..."

-- Le Figaroscope

"A look, an attitude, a little nothing and [Ruthy Scetbon] shows you everything happening in the head of this shy little cleaner (...) With her, laughter always clings to an element of emotion."

-- L'œil d'Olivier

" (...) a magical and very successful performance, which moves us deeply whilst being very funny."


"Of course this piece makes us laugh, a lot, but it also questions us about our own way of being and our own perceptions of the world around us."

-- De la cour au jardin

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Tara Sasson

La Scala Paris
La Nef – Manufacture d’Utopies
Labo Victor Hugo Rouen
Super Théâtre Collectif
Paris Anim’ Centre Les Halles Le Marais
Compagnie D’Art-d’art
Compagnie 512
Chloé Tocabens
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