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Perte - premiere

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

After residencies and performances of excerpts in France, Perte will have its premiere the 22nd of November 2019 at 7pm.

Creation: Ruthy Scetbon et Mitch Riley

Direction: Mitch Riley Performed by Ruthy Scetbon

We are very excited to be presenting this work at La NEF - Manufacture d'Utopies in Pantin (France). http://la-nef.org/


We are in a theatre. The stage is empty. We hear a voice approach, singing. The cleaner of the theatre arrives onstage. She is doing her job, alone, as she does everyday. Like a ghost light in the theatre, she is there when no one else is around. However, this day she discovers the audience present in the theatre - it is the first time she sees them. Accustomed to solitude and being invisible in the eyes of others, she is at first embarrassed by the unwavering gaze of the audience and attempts to continue her work. However, her curiosity is too strong, and not being able to resist the temptation to explore this gaze, she allows herself to be seduced little by little. These eyes which scrutinise her, examine and analyse her also shine a light on her and allow her to exist. They become more than a public - they become an accomplice, a partner. A confidant with whom she can reveal things which are hidden and buried. A friend with whom she can reveal herself.


We asked ourselves, "What if this woman were to receive the gaze of an audience and suddenly be given the opportunity to express herself?" This person is an 'invisible', but deep within her there exists an overwhelming passion for life, an overflowing imagination. Her dream of a freer world, almost childlike in its naivety, could become the political banner of a discourse on liberty. Her interior monologue transforms into prophetic visions. Her banal vision of the world becomes poetic. In front of our eyes she shines at last. We wanted to look at her, to be touched by and laugh at her flaws, her neurosis, without falling into caricature. To allow her to exist, to give her the place to be, to better see her, and through her, the human.

The performance lasts 1 hour.

Cost: 10€/7€/3€

Reservation: https://la-nef-utopies.mapado.com/

We are fortunate to have had the support of la Compagnie d’Art d’art, La Nef - Manufacture d’Utopies, and Le Labo Victor Hugo (Rouen).

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