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The Shape of the Earth

"...singer/actor/hyperactive performance artist Mitchell Riley delivered an outstanding tour-de-force of nuanced vocal flexibility, dissembling characterisation and physical theatre."

– The Sydney Morning Herald 

"Riley delivers a gripping and eviscerating multi-faceted performance, journeying through an agonising and humorous pursuit of self-realisation."

– Limelight

"Allied to these astounding vocal qualities, Riley displays an astounding physical litheness and pliability that complements the kaleidoscopic music."

- Australian Book Review

"The Shape of the Earth [...] was given a searing performance by Mitchell Riley, often asked to sound as if in extremis and then to produce lines of great beauty. In his final song Riley was both a body in the dirt and ‘a spirit splintered into light’. It was a deeply affecting struggle between the flesh and the infinite."

- Opera

O Mensch!, Sydney Festival

“Riley's voice has commanding resonance when needed but can also create wisps of whimsical falsetto, dark whispers and many shades between. Dramatically he seems able to hold the stage whether scolding humanity, exalting the stars in nervous anxiety or pontificating with elbow on knee and pointed finger.”

   – The Sydney Morning Herald

“The cynosure of all eyes throughout, Mitch Riley delivered the absorbing, committed performance that has become a hallmark of his many involvements with the company. His emotional range was extraordinary, and his voice answered the demands put on it.”   

   – Bachtrack 

Oscar and Lucinda

"Riley displays his gift for comedy as Dennis Hasset and Oscar’s bosom friend, Wardley-Fish."

   – Limelight Magazine

Fly Away Peter

“Mitchell Riley is a beguiling Jim, a deeply convincing actor with agile, characterful baritone voice.”

   – Sydney Morning Herald 

“Mitch Riley, as the central figure of Jim Saddler, has the most commanding physical presence – tall and balletic, he sings with firm line and a highly nuanced and varied tonal palette, effectively suggesting Jim’s humanity and vulnerability.”

   – The Conversation 

"The fine actor-singers are at turns lyrical, passionate and anguished and their diction and acting excellent—particularly Riley with his easy presence and acute sense of physical and emotional detail."

   – RealTimeArts

...pas a pas - nulle part..., Sydney Festival

Riley's performance [...] is a tour-de-force vocally and theatrically.”

   – Sydney Morning Herald 

“[...] a thoroughly convincing performance from baritone Mitchell Riley as he stares, grimaces, falls asleep, ponders, gives up and bounces back with comic verve and sung lines that wax lyrical, angst and leap into falsetto.”

   – RealTime Arts 

The Lighthouse

"Vocal effects, especially well-handled slides by Mitchell Riley’s keeper Blazes, added to a masterful characterisation."

   – Artshub

Climbing Toward Midnight

“[...] Mitchell Riley delivered another powerful performance as Parsifal. Singing with fresh-voiced clarity, he was also a strong physical presence in his encounters with Gavish.”

   – The Australian 

Notes from Underground

“Mitchell Riley, as the "aboveground" Man, enacted self-imposed alienation with suppressed inner fierceness and sang with penetrating clarity.”

   – Sydney Morning Herald 

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